• Amy Grenham


Updated: May 6

Salesforce is a great CRM. But why would you use a CRM for project management?

Because of the insight available via your customer data in Salesforce.

Better customer insight allows you to deliver projects which result in greater customer satisfaction, leading to greater retention, and in turn greater profitability.

You can of course use Salesforce straight out of the box to deliver many of the project management capabilities you need, such as managing tasks, collaboration via Chatter, document sharing. However, businesses with complex, high touch delivery - for example onboarding customers to a digital identity service or maybe satellite installation - have requirements that standard Salesforce alone cannot deliver.

This is when it pays to get a headstart from the Salesforce online marketplace, the AppExchange. This is the place to go when you are looking to extend the core functionality of your Salesforce platform via a pre-built app, such as a project management suite. In this way, you get the best of all worlds - great CRM data in Salesforce, access to everything you need via the Cloud, and a plug and play project management solution.

Of course, the additional factor that must be also considered carefully in this picture is the newly increased remote workforce. As many businesses have found themselves in a position whereby working remotely has suddenly become the normal, this project delivery challenge is one that needs to be solved quickly in order to stay afloat.

How to use the capabilities of the CRM to deliver more in dispersed delivery mode

While the fundamentals of project management have not changed, alignment, speed and insight are now at the forefront of project delivery success. The infographic below highlights how these elements mesh together on one platform for Customer Success.


Teams must work quickly to build this as the new normal via their project management processes on Salesforce.


“We will never return to the old ways of doing business. The crisis accelerated change in ways that will transform the way we live and work for years to come.” - The COVID-19 Response Playbook, Work.com

We know from experience that with smarter tools & processes your projects can not only survive in the new remote reality on Salesforce, they can succeed like never before. Infact, what we are seeing now is that businesses are using their new (and rapidly adopted) remote working reality as a springboard for change.

Before selecting the right platform, or indeed optimizing the tools you currently have, begin by considering the following three questions.

The three key questions to answer now if you are tooling up for Project Management:

  1. Platform, Project Management or PSA: Do you have the correct platform for your delivery model in the new remote reality?

  2. Smarter processes: How will you set up your remote project process now for success

  3. Supercharge for the future: What will the next chapter look like?

Finding the answers to these questions requires some careful analysis of your current objectives and supporting processes. In our newly launched playbook, Managing Projects Remotely on Salesforce, we have included a range of evaluation tools to guide you through this process.

This is practical content, illustrated with real world examples, designed to be applicable to every reader, with accessible tools and actionable insights at every step.

With additional input from our customers Procurify, Apperio, Power Pivot Pro, plus Platinum Salesforce delivery partner, 4C, this Playbook is not to be missed by anyone who wants to deliver successful projects on the Salesforce platform, today and in the future.