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Customer Support


Our Customer Support team aims to provide great support to our customers that will educate and deliver value and make every customer a success story!

All our customers are covered by our Standard Support Plan and our Support Team are experts in our products and are here to help you answer Product Questions or Issues. 

We can handle your configuration questions and provide guidance on best practices where we will co-ordinate with Precursive's Customer Success and Product team to give you the right recommendations.

Precursive pushes new releases quarterly as we continually enhance our product, and our team can help you with release notes, upgrade documentation and new features overview, as you walk through the upgrade process.

You can also access our Precursive Success Community  24/7 which has a wealth of Product Information and our Knowledge Base for you to use, and you can submit a case to contact us if you need additional support.

In addition, we offer Premium and Enterprise Support plans designed to match your business needs.



Enterprise Support helps you maximize your business value. Your assigned Support Manager provides proactive services, and faster response backed up by enterprise-grade SLAs. This plan provides support for advanced configuration and customization of Precursive.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for further details.



Premier Support helps you to get more out of Precursive with faster response times and support for customization of Precursive.

Ideal for customers without a dedicated Salesforce Admin.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for further details.



Included with all Precursive products to help you achieve your goals with a combination of product support and a range of online resources.


Standard plan includes customer support, knowledge base, office hours, training guides and success webinars.




Product Questions

Questions about the product or a specific product feature. These questions are typically around either administration or usability of a feature. (e.g. How do I submit holiday)

Product Issues

These are issues where something is not performing as expected. Precursive Support can investigate and determine the cause and suggest a resolution. (e.g. getting errors in product)

Configuration Queries

Support is not only for when there is a problem but can help you achieve more with Precursive. We can provide guidance and answer techincal questions. 
(e.g. my holiday approval is being routed to the wrong team member)

Best Practices

This is an area that we work cross-functionally to provide guidance to the customer based on the request. Precursive Support will work with Customer Success and our Product team to provide a recommendation to you.

Product Releases

Precursive pushes new releases quarterly. For customers who do not auto-upgrade, we will connect with those in charge of the releases
to schedule manual upgrades at a time that works for the customer.


Our services and support team have 15x Salesforce certifications and have client-side experience with the Precursive Platform.
All staff have a broad mix of industry experience from Accenture, Arqiva, NCR, Infosys and Sony.