"77% of CEOs find availability of key skills as the biggest threat to their business"

PwC, 20th CEO Survey of Global Talent (2017)

Precursive wanted to understand the impact of capacity on people and companies. We have interviewed more then 60 companies across a range of industries including creative, consulting, professional services and tech. Participants of this study included CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Heads of Business Unit and/or Function.


Skills, talent and time are central questions for any business reliant on resource management and workforce planning to drive success; we therefore wanted to explore capacity as a metric and whether it truly engages the workforce.

No one stated that capacity wasn't a priority. It has a significant impact on:

  • customer experience

  • company performance

  • your most valuable asset, your people

"Companies have optimized human capital, spreading expensive resources across teams that don’t need 100% of those resources 100% of the time"

HBR, The Overcommitted Organisation (2017)

"Intelligent automation can be deployed for existing operations/processes to derive instant benefits, including savings of 25-40%”

EY, Will Intelligent Automation Replace Skilled Labour or Redefine It? (2018)


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