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Updated: Apr 24

Productizing your services comes with a great deal of benefits. It presents an opportunity to resource significant parts of your business to the strongest players that optimizes delivery to your customers.

In today’s world of remote working and innovation-led projects, many small to medium-sized businesses are looking to productize their service offerings to better handle various aspects of their business operations, and for good reason.

Thinking of doing it yourself? Before you jump straight in, take a look at the list we’ve compiled of just some of the many successful companies who decided to create packaged services.

Ready to learn more? In this guide, we’ll dig deeper into:

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In order to help to see that anyone can productize, we’ve compiled a hefty list of companies from all manner of different industries that have seen tremendous growth and success from productizing their services.

Take a look below.

Design - Kapa99

Kapa99 are a graphic design company that offer a subscription service with unlimited requests and revisions included in their basic package. Each customer that subscribes is assigned a team of two project managers, two art directors, a supervisor and a customer success manager. This is essentially a full design team for a fraction of the price.

Boasting an incredibly quick turnaround time, customers can expect to receive the product from Kapa99 within 12-48 hours. For most bespoke graphic design companies, you would expect to wait much longer for a similar task to be completed.

Kapa99’s packaged, subscription-based service is backed up with a free 15 day trial and a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning it’s incredibly easy to try them out today and see for yourself the benefits of productized graphic design. If you’re looking for a fast turnaround of graphic design projects for your business, then Kapa99 is the company for you.

Accounting - Bench

Bench is an accounting company that takes care of bookkeeping and tax for smaller companies. It is done in a slightly unusual way however - by pairing intuitive software with human bookkeepers. Bench uses its own software and supports its customers using it. The bookkeeping and reporting is then managed on monthly plans. This subscription-based service is similar to Kapa99 and is the common method used when companies productize their service offerings.

With Bench’s accounting software and its own team of bookkeepers, customers have the freedom to focus on running their business while their accounting and taxes are done by the accounting company. Bench charges for its services on an annual basis, based on the customer’s monthly expenses, and this is split into five separate tiers:

  • Starter - The starter plan is the cheapest of the lot, and is priced at $159/month for businesses with monthly expenses below $3,000

  • Micro - The Micro plan charges $199/month for organizations with monthly expenses between $3,000 and $20,000

  • Boutique - The Boutique plan puts businesses back $249/month that have monthly expenses between $20,000 and $50,000

  • Venture - The Venture plan charges customers $299/month that have expenses between $50,000 and $100,000 per month.

  • Corporate - The final and most expensive plan is the Corporate plan, costing customers $419/ month that have monthly expenses between $100,000 and $1,000,000

Bench is used by many reputable companies like Stripe, Shopify and Square, so you can be sure you’re getting a reliable, proven bookkeeping software solution.

Content - Scribly

Scribly is a content marketing agency that offers scalable content marketing services for all manner of different business types. Offering their services with a self-proclaimed ‘twist’, Scribly talks at length about their decision to productize their services and how they switched from a focus on unlimited copywriting to a done-for-you content package plan.

This shift introduced the idea of selling recurring subscription packages, which saw major improvements in the churn rate, going from 15% down to an impressive 2%. This repeatable content package has allowed Scribly to establish long-lasting partnerships with companies as more long-term planning can be done in terms of its content plans.

An interesting point about Scribly and its productization scheme is that it has intentionally not ‘niched down’ to a specific vertical or industry. As with many productized services, the key is to focus on one or two things you do really well and make that your repeatable packaged service. Scribly aims to make its ‘niche’ its exceptional quality, which it claims has led to a much higher volume of referrals.

Virtual Assistant - Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a US-based, team of remote personal assistants who provide a service for all manner of tasks including tracking packages, making appointments, and canceling subscriptions. For each request, the company offers 20 minutes of working time along with 10 minutes of chat.

The way Fancy Hands has productized its service is by charging a monthly subscription, the cheapest of which includes five requests per month at $29.99. The virtual assistant company operates on a pool basis, where tasks are assigned on the basis of availability, meaning a customer may not work with the same assistant twice if they have five tasks per month. If five requests each month is still not enough, the other plan Fancy Hands offers is $149.99 per month for daily requests. This packaged service is ideal for busy solo entrepreneurs who need help with many of the annoying administrative tasks that occur on a daily basis.

PR - Publicize

Publicize is a digital PR agency, offering both PR and digital marketing services to help tech companies of all sizes and stages of development reach out and build new and bigger audiences. As a team of former journalists, Publicize has productized its services to offer the chance for startups to gain momentum in the media.

Its services include creating press releases, pitching stories to a targeted list of journalists, and writing guest articles so a lot of the work is done for customers. As a client of Publicize, you’ll get a number of perks like access to a journalist database and guaranteed media coverage.

What sets Publicize out from traditional PR firms is the affordable solutions it offers without a minimum required retainer. Offering four packages, the cheapest of which being $399 a month, which is a stark contrast to many of its bigger competitors that charge $10,000 per month, you’re sure to find the plan that works for your business and your budget.

Social Media - 100 Pound Social

UK based company 100 Pound Social has built a reputation for creating impactful social media content for its clients. What makes them different is the packaged service they offer. With social media content, lead generation, and blog writing plans which can be applied across a range of niches within its packaged format.

Starting from £100 per month, there are two options for this price bracket; a ‘Posts Plan’, which utilizes the company’s ability to create dedicated and targeted posts on social media channels, and a ‘Blog Articles’ pla, which focuses more on releasing blog content to aid lead generation efforts.

Wordpress - WP Speed Fix

WP Speed Fix is dedicated to optimizing the speed of its namesake after noticing the real need for it in the market. Many of its customers’ websites would load after five to ten seconds, which is far too slow, not only damaging the user experience, but damaging its reliability from Google’s perspective. One of its key goals is to educate its customers on the importance of website speed, how it is measured, and why fast hosting is crucial.

Their productized offering is essentially a done-for-you site speed optimization service, with multiple tiers, each one offering more impressive features to improve your website speed and performance further. On top of this, WP Speed Fix offers a free site speed audit, which is a great way of capturing leads.

Customer Service - HelpFlow

HelpFlow provides a 24/7 live chat service to eCommerce businesses to help maximize sales and conversion rates through customized chat engagements and great customer service. Once a customer signs up, HelpFlow studies their website and the competition, and an onboarding call is used to find very specific answers to questions only the customer would know about their business. HelpFlow is always updating its knowledge base after each interaction, and are able to provide regular reports and analytics.

Outsourcing customer service can be a difficult task, but with the help of new technology and AI, far more bespoke customer service products and packages are now available in mainstream business.

Marketing - Mass Campaigns

Mass Campaigns offers a productized digital marketing service, which sets up and manages Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more paid campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses as well as startups. For businesses in the infancy period, a solid paid advertising strategy can be the difference between success and failure, but finding the time to develop and maintain effective campaigns can be extremely difficult.

This is where Mass Campaigns come in. It handles the process from start to finish, including campaign and keyword planning, ad copy writeup and setting up conversion tracking. Like many companies selling a productized service, Mass Campaigns utilizes a monthly subscription plan, offering two separate pricing plans, one a more basic setup, and the other more intermediate. All plans include a 10-day money-back guarantee, so customers have some wiggle room if they feel Mass Campaigns is not the right fit for them.

Marketing Optimization - Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks is an analytics auditing service that will explore the data provided by your analytics software and be able to translate this into useful information for your business. Brass Tacks essentially enables businesses to get more from their analytics, allowing them to be much better at acting on any and all data at their disposal. Part of Brass Tacks’ service is to set up reporting structures so customers can easily understand and mine their own data much more effectively going forward.

With a one-time cost of $999, Brass Tacks is a great service for businesses that collect piles of data but don’t know how to analyze it properly or gain useful insights from it.


Productizing your services may be the answer to your business woes, but it can be a daunting prospect to completely overhaul how you sell your expertise. That’s why we’re here to help.

Precursive is used by many different companies to effectively manage the delivery of their packaged services. Through Precursive, there’s a wide range of processes that we can help you improve.

  • Up-to-the-minute reporting on KPIs, including revenue, profitability, time to value, and customer health

  • Track utilization across your entire project teams to ensure all workloads are balanced and ensure each team member’s schedule runs smoothly and efficiently

  • Track effort for you and your customer to understand where delays occur, target these, and eliminate them to deliver a more complete service

  • Make sure the correct resource is allocated to a project based on their skills and capacity, so nothing is delayed due to resources in the wrong place

  • Map out every task, dependency and owner of a project to ensure team collaboration and reduce any crossed wires


What next?

Want to understand more about how you can productize your service offerings? Our new playbook, How To Productize Services Delivery, is the free, detailed guide to ‘what you need to do. This playbook covers:

  • Frameworks to design, build and sell services packages

  • The metrics that are used to monitor success

  • Sales enablement toolkits and pricing strategies

Visit our Precursive Products page to discover how we can help you deliver a great productized service to your customers. Alternatively, book a demo today to see it in action for yourself.

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