Updated: May 14

Customer Success Hero | SAM SMITH

The more I talked to other people in Customer Success, the more I feel like everybody does it differently depending on their company.

Sam Smith is part of the original team to implement the customer success function at global cloud platform provider, Linode. By setting themselves the mission to make every customer a success story, they have seen greater customer retention and platform usage as a result.

Sam Smith, Senior Customer Success Specialist, Linode

Founded in 2003, Linode is the world’s largest independent cloud infrastructure provider. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the company serves a customer base of 800,000 developers, startups and businesses across a global network of 11 data centers. Sam has been with Linode for 4 years, originally joining the Support team. He now holds the role of Senior Customer Success Specialist.


One of Linode’s key differentiators in the market is that they provide a 24/7 phone line, delivering highly technical support to their customers both night and day. Sam began his career as a part of this Support team, but two years ago he took a different path: he embarked on the challenge of setting up a Customer Success function within the business for the first time.

As team member number two in the newly formed department, Sam and his colleagues made it their mission to define the scope and purpose of ‘Customer Success’ within the organization.