Updated: Jul 19

We take a look at Customer Onboarding Playbooks, what they are, the role they play in your Onboarding operation and what your playbooks should contain.

Customer Onboarding Playbook is a term you will hear often in the world of complex SaaS products. In the simplest terms, it’s a repeatable process that a team follows for every new customer, which delivers consistency and creates the ideal Customer Experience.

The goal is that your customer is set up and seeing value from the product in the shortest time possible.

That’s the simple version. We also asked a number of SaaS Customer Success Professionals how they saw the role of Playbooks in their onboarding process, and it’s clear that Playbooks are a lot more than a mere templated approach: rather they are absolutely key to a successful SaaS operation.

Here are a few different ways we heard Onboarding Playbooks being referred to:-

“The backbone for scalability”
“A roadmap for individuals”
“A way to set expectations for success”

When you dig a little deeper into the topic and look at how SaaS businesses are really using Onboarding Playbooks to drive value today, the pattern is pretty clear: the role of Playbooks is threefold...


Let’s look at each in turn.

TRACK: A Playbook allows a much more effective approach to tracking the important metrics of any process. Once you have an expected baseline, you are in a position to quickly and effectively pinpoint an area where you might see underperformance against a timeframe for example, or any other outlier that requires attention. Use this data to set norms and build your strategy against them.

COACH: Consider the role of your Playbook a kind of instructional coach for your team. It’s a step by step guide to the best next steps in almost e