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What’s new in Precursive PSX?



At Precursive, we talk a lot about working in a high-velocity services environment and ensuring that your company has a clear view of capacity. However this means that you will have to assign multiple resources across multiple projects in one sitting, and we want to make that easier for you.

This is where our Mass Resource Allocation tool comes in, mass resource assignment simplifies the assignment process and provides a very user-friendly navigation between demand and the resource pool.

When entering the Assignment Mode, you can select a request, see who’s fitting that role, switch to another request, let's say with the same role and compare if the required booking dates fit better to one resource or another.

You can now:

  • Easily navigate between requests and assign them to resources

  • Make edits to resource requests in assignment mode to accommodate the best start/end date of a booking before assigning it

  • Filter by skill set/role within assignment mode


To find out more or upgrade to our latest release to access this feature, read our support articles for Precursive PSA & Precursive Connect.

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