• Prachi Shah


Looking to book that next getaway? Precursive brings you some amazing new features that will help with the work admin, so you have enough time to inflate that unicorn! #PlanTrackForecast


As you may know, Time Off in Precursive allows you to define which days are public holidays in your organization and therefore which should be treated as non-working days. Once you create a Time Off record, it will populate Precursive Plan with 100% capacity for the selected dates.

If your teams are spread across the globe, you can also set-up Time Off to be region-specific.

Assign locations to your resources and create Time Off for either global or local public holidays. If you don’t assign any location to your team and the time off, all created Time Off will be treated as global and will apply to everyone in your organization.


We’re taking the Utilisation calculations to the next level!

We’re introducing a new Utilisation object; this will calculate your team’s planned and actual utilisation, taking into consideration their real number of working days. The calculation of working days will exclude non-working days of the resource and any time off (public holidays). Thanks to that, utilisation results will be more accurate and it will be easier to report on them too.

Utilisation is calculated on a weekly basis but you can also recalculate it manually from Precursive HQ at any time. The only limit here is that you recalculate up to 6 months at once.


Our new set of reports and dashboards will allow you to track your budget, time and utilisation trends over time.

In the Budget Trends dashboard, look for your forecast and actual revenue trends, average actual margin and projects that have gone over budget or project categories that are less profitable than forecast.

In the Time Trends dashboard, you will be able to track time against which activities your team spent the most time on, planned vs actual time per account and/or how much time people spend on billable and non-billable projects.

In the Utilisation Trends dashboard, you will find your forecast and actual utilisation metrics per person, role and department. You will be also able to track how your billable utilisation looks against the general one. As the new calculations for utilisation has been improved and include the number of working days for a resource in a given period, you can stop using the Precursive Utilisation folder and delete it and start using the Precursive Utilisation Trends reports.


Some of you might prefer to look at people’s capacity as a percentage while others prefer to view available hours within a time range. In the new release, we give you the possibility to define which of these views should be the default for your organisation. Once it is configured, you will still be able to switch between the views on Precursive Plan.