• Amy Grenham


Updated: May 14

How are you maintaining your company culture, now everyone is working remotely?

That was just one of the questions we covered in our webinar last week. Our CEO, Jonathan Corrie, was joined by guests Sean Smith, VP of Customer Success, Apperio and Julian Hannabuss, Director of Revenue Operations, Procurify as they discussed the impact of Covid-19 on their SaaS organizations. In particular, they focused on:

  • The changing dynamics of customer relationships

  • The role of Customer Success in times of disruption

  • Why time to value is more critical than ever

If you were not able to make the webinar,

you can see the recording here >>

Jonathan and the team were also online for a Q&A session, outlining our advice on remote working, firmly based on our own experience as a team. Here are a couple of the takeaways now from this discussion, beginning with our opening question…

Q: How are you maintaining your company culture, now everyone is working remotely?


Precursive has always been a remote-first company, so in many ways this has been BAU for our team. However, we realised very early on that there would need to be clear recognition of some important elements within our ‘new normal’, in order for us to maintain our existing culture of mutual support and collaboration.

First of all we understood that different team members would be under different kinds of pressure - some would be homeschooling, others would be living alone and isolated. We wanted to acknowledge this and create an environment where people could be open about these pressures.

The leadership team went back to our values and reviewed these for their relevance in the current remote reality. We also consulted the team on this as we felt this exercise should also be done from the bottom up.

We have placed a great deal of emphasis on celebrating successes at an individual and department level.

Finally, on the social front, there’s been a range of activities aimed at building team culture, including a quiz and ‘Wine Wednesday’ - a time when people come together informally and catch up on Zoom, over a drink (alcoholic or otherwise!)

Q: How are your senior Customer Success Managers mentoring effectively while they are working from home?


Here are a few of the ways that we have enabled this to happen at Precursive:-

We have brought together mentors and peers from different departments (Sales, Marketing and Product) and some of the coaching now comes via this peer network.

The senior team now contribute content to a Customer Success Academy and run training sessions.