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Celebrating awesome Women in Technology


At Precursive, in a team of 26 people, 12 of those people are women. Not bad for a technology business! What’s more, 9 of those 12 women are on the ‘product’ side of the organisation, that’s to say they are in technical roles.

We wanted to celebrate the amazing talent within our organisation by asking these Women in Tech to tell us a little more about their career path, why they chose technology and what they love most about their role now at Precursive.

Here’s what we heard:

1. DEBORAH PERROTT, Implementation Consultant

Also read about Debbie's journey in her article here.


3. DOMINIKA PIWECKA, Customer Support Manager

4. ANNA KORZENIOWSKA, Customer Success Manager

5. MALWINA MRUK, Salesforce Developer

It’s clearly never been a better time to begin a career in technology: the barriers to entry are being broken down every day; not only are there great training tools for out there accessible by all (Trailhead!), we can draw inspiration from other women around the world, blazing a trail for their colleagues as they forge their own way forward in tech.

We would love to hear from more Women in Tech. Our questions are this:-

  • What led you to your current role?

  • What would be your advice to other women who wanted to build a career in tech?

Drop us a comment below, tweet us @Precursive or message Precursive on Linkedin and we would love to feature you in our festival of #WomenInTech!

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