• Prachi Shah


Introducing new features of all shapes and sizes this month that will help you get through the festive season with ease!


You’ve allocated people to projects, created a lot of bookings for them and now everything changes and you need to adjust the schedule? We know your pain. Now, you will have the possibility to edit or delete bookings in bulk.

Press CTRL and choose the bookings you want to edit, then right-click on one of the selected bookings and decide whether you want to edit or delete them in bulk. In case, some of the selected bookings cannot be edited or deleted, for example, because there are some actuals logged against them, you will notice a red icon next to those bookings. To see the reason for not being able to update them, hover over this icon. If at least one of the bookings selected can be edited or deleted, you will still be able to proceed with the bulk action on bookings without conflicts.

Bulk Editing:

Bulk Deleting:


How many times did you forget about filling your timesheets? Many? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

The good news is that we are coming to you with a new feature that will help you manage your timesheets much quicker - the Timesheet History component!

Why do we call it a component? Well, it’s out-of-the-box available on MyPrecursive but you can actually also add it to your homepage as a component.

How does that work? On MyPrecursive, just click the icon on the left-hand side of the timesheet dates. That will open the component where you can view your timesheets list with all the past timesheets, including the current week. To quickly check the un-submitted timesheets just use the toggle at the top. To open them in a new tab and fill them in, just click on 'View Details'. If you wish to see how many of your timesheets are outstanding, just check the number next to the red triangle symbol at the bottom of the list.

Timesheet History on MyPrecursive:

Add Timesheet History as a component:


As you may know, until now, we have been creating timesheets only when a booking was added or when you opened the timesheet for the specific week.

From now on, Precursive will check at the end of each week if everyone has a timesheet created and if not, it will automatically create it so that you can have the full visibility of the outstanding timesheets.


You are already able to move the whole project with its structure (phases and bookings). Now, you will be also able to move just a single-phase with its bookings. The only restriction here is that there cannot be any actual hours or expenses logged against the project.


Resources’ non-working days, time-off, days before joining date or after departing date will be now visible on the schedule so that you can adjust people bookings to their working days to not make them overbooked.


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