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Your Precursive experience is about to reach a whole new level with more customisable options than a DIY ice-cream parlour. Here are this month's new features.


How many times did you want to repeat a booking and you had to create each repeated booking manually? Well we heard you and created the Repeat Booking feature.

This feature simplifies the creation of reoccurring bookings, without the need to duplicate it manually. You can choose how often you’d like the booking to repeat over a set period of time and when the repetition comes to an end.

This is great for projects or work where you have to do a limited number of hours/days per week/month.

Repeat Weekly:

Repeat Monthly:

Repeat Weekly, until date:

Repeat Monthly, until date:


Everyone has their own favourite view on Precursive Plan, right?

Some of you prefer to see your schedule in a Monthly view, and some of you can’t live without the Quarterly view. In the new release, we are giving you the possibility to define which of these views (Week, Month, or Quarter) should be the default one for your organisation. Don't worry, when this is configured, you will still be able to switch between the views on Precursive Plan.


This feature has been already available on the Precursive Project page, but it's so good now it is also available on Precursive Plan!

The new participant custom fields allows you to include much more information in the participant and resource request window. You could add work description, location, required skills or budget.

The saved details can be then viewed on the participant and request tooltips when you hover over their names or roles. You can also edit the details by clicking the ‘Edit Participant’ or ‘Edit Request’ icon.


The default filter for the Request Mode is now 'All'. You don’t have to remove the rest of the filters that are not applicable in this view anymore. Also, because Resource and Resource Tags sections are not needed when viewing resource requests, they are now hidden in the view mode.

Once you click the ‘Assign Resource’ button, you are taken to the Assignment Mode. By default, the filter is set to look for resources with the same role as the request, however you can still add more specific filters to your search so that you find the right people.

How is that for a sundae of new features!

If you have any questions about these or want to make sure you have access to them, email support@precursive.com.

Happy Customising!

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