Salesforce companies Precursive and Taskfeed merge to unify

onboarding and resource management to accelerate customer success


Precursive and Taskfeed are to become the leading Customer Onboarding and Capacity Management platform on Salesforce.


The unified company will be known as Precursive with a mission to help companies see success faster.


Now with Precursive, companies can identify the right people for work and provide playbooks for smoother onboarding experiences. Organisations of differing sizes and sectors use Precursive to help scale and grow their business including Arqiva, GoCardless, Patsnap, Salesforce and WPP.  


“In the subscription economy companies are having to change the way they work and better collaborate with customers. Our platform provides a seamless experience to help them scale their onboarding and professional services capability,” said Jonathan Corrie, CEO, Precursive.


“We know that we are driving a huge amount of value for our shared customers and we are very excited about taking this forward to everyone,” Andy Mahood, CTO, Precursive, and founder of Taskfeed.


Richard Vella, Global Head of Programme Management Office (PMO) at both Precursive and Taskfeed customer SES commented: “This is really fantastic news and really makes sense. Customers will now have a single integrated product that includes project accounting, resource allocation and task management. Both Precursive and Taskfeed have very similar cultures and know how to make the customer feel central and inclusive in developing innovative solutions to enable companies like SES scale up to the challenges we have as we grow. This speaks more of the excellent team in both companies that love what they do and always deliver with passion.”


The new Precursive will have with twenty-six staff across the UK, US and EU and are looking to double in size, across both revenue and staff, in 2020. 


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About Taskfeed


Taskfeed gives you complete visibility over the information that counts most in Customer Onboarding, allowing you to successfully manage your team, your customer and your processes. This intuitive and easy to use Salesforce-native app allows you to onboard your customer faster.


Taskfeed - See Success Faster.

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Find out more about the people and company. You can learn more about what makes us tick. 


We are passionate about changing the game for the world’s best services teams. 


Our mission is to help you improve time-to-value and make every customer a success story.

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Precursive products are all 100% native to the Salesforce platform. Our solutions can be tailored to your needs and support a range of use cases.


Learn how we take the pain out of complex service delivery activities. Do the work, not the admin!

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