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This year has been no less a challenge wherever in the world you are. So some of our team took time to reflect on things we've learnt, things that have helped us navigate the new normal and things we have been grateful for this year.

HARRY NETTLETON / Business Development Associate

Having prospected numerous companies, C-suite professionals at all companies are talking about two main things; their people and their customers! Employees and customers are at the center of every business's 2021 vision and rightly so. Looking after both of these has become more important than ever as if you don't do this you can't expect your business to flourish in challenging circumstances! Also to make sure I unmute myself on Zoom before I start speaking!


/ Customer Support Manager

We've definitely see that Salesforce is a stable environment and that good project and resource management skills are key in unsure times, and Precursive helps with that. Apart from that...exercising is the best antidepressant and wearing earbuds when around your kid doesn't make you a bad mom 😅👌


/ Head of Support and Services

While tools helped manage the workload & workforce during this critical pandemic - mental health and work/life balance came to the fore - its no longer about burning the candle at both ends but realizing that giving people the luxury to balance where they work, when they work, and making that juggling of home life easier when it really matters = better outputs, better outcomes and more engaged and happy staff. And a bubble bath at lunchtime is as rejuvenating as a stroll around the local park/eating lunch/taking a break.


Key learning is the importance of lunch. My top 5 favourite lunches are (in reverse order): #5 - Tomato soup with crusty bread and real butter

#4 - Leftover Paella

#3 - Tuna salad with chilli and feta cheese

#2 - Jacket Potato with cheese and beans (note to season the potato once roasted)

#1 - Cheese and Pickle Sandwich, McCoys Salt & Vinegar Crisps and a Diet Coke


/ Commercial Director - USA

2020 has taught me never to underestimate the power of great company and a big hug for the soul.


/ Salesforce Developer

This year I learned that there are people who backup data and people who will backup data. So I learned to backup data. Don't be like me 😄


/ Digital Marketing Manager

This year has taught me the importance of a mid-day 2-minute dance party to get your mind out of a funk and also that you can find anything you look for whole-heartedly. Like Spotify playlists for every mood of the day (and various versions of 'Dancing in the Moonlight' I didn't know I needed in my life) 💃🏽


/ Customer Success Manager

I’ve learnt to really appreciate the great work professional hairdressers carry out and to not take a decent haircut for granted..

Share your learnings with us in the comments or on our social platforms whilst enjoying our team's favourite holiday tunes in our Christmas Playlist here Wish you a very Merry Christmas & safe and happy holidays from the Precursive! 🎅🏼🎄🎁

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