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Growing Pains: #OpsTech to Unlock Growth for Boutique Consulting Firms

Updated: Aug 4



Honeycomb PS works with small to medium professional services firms with operational support and provides access to specialist experts as and when needed for day-to-day running of businesses on a flexible and scalable basis. They help senior teams reclaim time back to spend on more important aspects that help grow their business such as their clients and people.

  • If you own a boutique consulting firm and are finding that your past success has made future growth harder to achieve, one thing is certain - you are not alone!

  • The UK consulting market is huge (>£10BN fee income according to the latest research from the Management Consultancies Association) and growing at 7% p.a. in an economy that is somewhat slower than that.

  • The sector employs approximately 60,000 people, across thousands of firms of different sizes, specialities and capabilities.

  • There is no great data on the number of “boutique” consulting firms or even an established definition of boutique, but the experts we’ve spoken to estimate between 3,000 and 5,000 owner-operated small consulting firms across the UK.

  • Typically, these firms are started on the brilliance of an individual who is able to sell and deliver great impact for clients, then starts generating significant demand and pulls in a team (employees, associates, or a hybrid model) to help them deliver.

  • Before long they are spending more time running the business than with clients, and struggle to break out of that cycle without time to address inefficient processes.


Through our experience working with firms of all different sizes and stages of development, we see a few common operational challenges that founders experience as they grow. These challenges are often frustrating, as the owners of boutique consulting firms can struggle to identify, implement, and optimise the right technology to unlock productivity and simplicity in their business operations.

We call this technology #OpsTech.

This article is our starting point for a series of guides on how to use #OpsTech to drive growth in your consulting business, at whatever stage of growth you’re at.